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We offer the world’s finest honey, harvested from clean and rich endemic plant species on the high altitude regions, to consumers all around the World.

Wanam food collects the best quality honeys from all around the World and delivers quality analysis to these honeys in accordance with international standards before accepting to its factory. Those selected honeys are being packed with a high level of quality and food safety standards in order to be able to deliver them to more than 35 different countries.

Natural Honey

As Wanam Food;
We conduct strict inspections throughout the honey production process.
We only accept 100% natural honey (pure honey) in our factory and take individual samples from each package and test them in high technology laboratories.
We carefully analyze the honey coming to our factory against all quality issues such as the authenticity (imitation-adulteration) analyses, antibiotic and pesticide residue analyses, GMO analyses, pollen analyses and geographical localizations in accordance with microbiological criteria and sensory analyses.
We enable the quality test result of each honey accessible that we perform the analysis.
After analyzing our honey, we perform untouched packaging in our state-of-the-art packaging facility and ensure that it reaches your kitchen.



Exceeding the contentment expectations of our clients and employees, we present our jars of honey with the most admired
brands and innovative packaging solutions to all honey lovers around the world.


To select the best quality honey of the world and to deliver the remedy to all honey lovers at international standards.